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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Political musings....

Election surprises everywhere. It seems like Americans and Hoosiers in general are pretty much fed up with a lot of things.

List of choices:

aggressive partisanship that often negates thoughtful voting by individual party members
gas prices
stagnant wages
rising health care costs
the disappearing middle class
massive poverty in the richest nation in the world
negative campaigning
political corruption
no coherent immigration policy
immoral behavior on the part of some elected officials
arrogant, elitist governance that ignores the people
BMV closings
selling of America to foreign entities
lack of decent paying - low skill jobs is what Democrats are going to soon learn. It is a lot harder to govern than it is to complain about those in charge.

My personal opinion is that is better for America when one party is NOT in charge of every branch of government. When there is balance of power they have to work together, compromise and share the credit and the blame. When one party controls they flaunt their power in an arrogant fashion and get things done by enforcing one party discipline on their members. The other party sits back and takes pot shots and blames the other guy.

Well, we'll see what the next several years brings in America.

I believe one of the greatest things America should be proud of is the organized and civilized way these transitions in power come - each party ultimately accepting the will of the American people. This is not so in much of the world.


Anonymous said...

"When there is balance of power they have to work together, compromise and share the credit and the blame."

I question whether we can still do that in this country. It seems like each year, politicians from different parties grow further apart and are not able to work together. I hope that will not be the case in Indiana and the nation these next two years, but I don't have high hopes!

Anonymous said...

Mark, I really enjoy your blog -- I appreciate your forthright comments... of course, I'm surprised you still have a job. :)

Anonymous said...

I believe your posting is exactly what is wrong with America - focusing on the negative! We are fortunate to live in the greatest country in the world, our unemployment rate is below 5%, the stock market is at record highs and in this country, anyone can have and attain a dream. We have given another country freedom from genocide and HOPE - which they would not have if not for the United States. I'm also tired of the partisan politics and the left-wing media that presents only one side. Now that the Democrats are in control, you can expect to see positive news coming out of Iraq.

Anonymous said...

I would hardly say that over 100,000 deaths (yes those are zeros) would sum up much hope or 'freedom from genocide'. Even our own military has no confidence in the Secretary of Defense.

But, I suspect that Dr. Stocks post was more about the future 'hope' of bipartisanship. May the Democrats not do in the future what has been done to them in the recent past. As for the 'liberal media'. Give me a break, have you heard of television (Fox News, etc.)? And, 5% unemployment rate? You must live in affluent K county. Look at Lawrence County 7% and let's remember that the unemployment rate is measured based upon those who file for unemployment, not necessarily those who aren't working. Yes, let's move forward and not be so radical on either side (left or right) for the Middle East is a good example of radicalism.

As for the recent elections, most who were elected represent a moderate constituent. Just because you are a Democrat (dirty word in NE Indiana) doesn't mean that you have no morals. Since this isn't my blog, I will stop the rant:) and remind you that if you live in a glass house, you shouldn't throw stones (Foley, et. al).

check your perspective said...

It is unfortunate that travel outside the US has become unfashionable and inconvenient. Americans have lost sight of how lucky we are.

Why do foreign investors lease the Indiana toll road? It is not to loose their money.

They see opportunity while we are all too busy whining that our entitlement checks are below our level of dignity.

And the second unfortunate event is that there is no time left for Thanksgiving.

We jump from haloween to a commerical Christmas, with just a short layover while our 'leaders' wage a smear campaign that costs more than we can ever imagine.

So ask yourself this: What have you done to improve the human condition?

Kvetching and complaining is not going to help. We have professionals to do that for us. We just elected a new batch of 'em.