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Friday, November 03, 2006

New ISTEP tests are coming (but it will be awhile)

Developing new ISTEP tests was the discussion topic at the State Board of Education Meeting Wednesday, November 1, 2006. This duty was handed to the State Board by the 2006 Indiana General Assembly.

Of special interest to parents and educators were the following points:

The test would be moved to as late a date as possible during the second half of the school year.

The high school graduation exam (GQE) will be a different test. The new GQE would consist of end-of-course assessments in Algebra I and English 10.

End-of-course assessments for CORE 40 would be given in English10, Algebra I, Biology I, and US History.

Wow - It looks like a future student who can't pass an end-of-course Algebra I test, can't graduate.

Currently only 23.7 % of the state's 10th graders are passing the Core 40 end-of-course Algebra Assessment. It's all about the cut score. They will set the passing score based on how many they want to fail and how many they want to pass. There is no stone tablet from Moses that tells us how much Algebra someone needs to know in order to be successful in life.

But I do know one thing, it is harder to be successful without a high school diploma.

Here is Friday's Funny, contributed by Wawasee teacher Sara Harrison.

My sister and I were driving in the car with my 9 year old niece. We were discussing the State Board's passing of ISTEP legislation. Being adult talk, we were unaware that she was listening.

She piped up with "Give it in the fall or no test at all."

My sister and I were laughing so hard. Her explanation was that students who needed help would be unable to get the help they need.

Something tells me we should listen more to the children.

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