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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

School delay announcements

Most of you know that this year we reduced the number of media outlets we contact about school delays and closings.

We currently contact WAWC 103.5 fm, WRSW 107.3 fm, Channel 15, Channel 22 and post the information first on The Wawascene. Other stations will carry it but they are gathering their information from other sources. Because one station may be owned by other stations or companies, they will sometimes spread the information to others. However, the ones listed are those we have been contacting personally.

Some of you have asked what will happen now that Bill Dixon sold WAWC and it is no longer locally owned.

The answer is...hopefully nothing will change. They will still carry the information on school closings although I won't be able hassle Bill at 5:50 AM just before he goes on the news anymore. Rats.

I guess we will have to have a few of them before we know how that goes.

I hear the warm weather is leaving us and snowfall may be in the forecast this week.


Anonymous said...

Again, it would be worth your time to be a good public servant and meet the needs of the community by making a few extra calls to get coverage on more outlets.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It seems like it would be okay to inconvenience yourself for the good of everyone else. and you could even have your assistants or principals make some of the calls if you are too lazy.

Anonymous said...

To the complainers-How hard is it for you to change the channel? For you to call someone lazy for not calling other stations, isn't that sort of admitting your own laziness?

Anonymous said...

One thing I have noticed about lazy people is that they are never too lazy to complain.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. That person shouldn't have been rude and called Dr. Stock lazy, but Dr. Stock should consider the minimal sacrifice for the convenience and comfort of the community. I do use the channels the school advocates, but one might consider that he expects students to be civics minded and caring for others. Wawasee's mission and goals are...

The mission of the Wawasee Community School Corporation is to develop the academic, social, and artistic skills of students so they will be productive, responsible citizens.

Goal 1: Students are conscientious contributors
Goal 2: Students are life-long learners
Goal 3: Students are problem solvers
Goal 4: Students are effective communicators
Goal 5: Students are valuable team players

This would fall under social skills as well as productive, responsible citizenship. It would also fit 1, 3, 4, and 5. It really wouldn't detract from his other job responsibilities and it wouldn't be that big of a challenge to promoting goodwill and peace to all men and women.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Dr. Stock would like to reply under his name instead of using the anonymous feature to hide his comments.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Stock has never been afraid to speak for himself and I doubt he posts under "anonymous."

Why in the world would peope spend so much time and effort complaining about who he should contact in the event of a weather delay! Anyone who is reading and responding on this post already has access to the easiest and quickest way to finding out about a delay or cancellation.

Dr. Stock covered his reasons for limiting his contacts earlier this year. Go back and re-read his rationale behind it and give him a little consideration. There are bigger corporation issues to worry about than spending any more time on this topic.

Anonymous said...

We have 3 choices for school closing/delay info: 1. Wawascene.. which has become my #1 resource... thank you Dr. Stock 2. Two radio stations 3. Two TV stations

Sounds good to me.

Martin Goetzinger said...

Dr. Stock - If you are interested, I can solve this entire issue by giving you access to my website (, it will send out an SMS Text Message to your parent's cell phone, send out an email alert, and even update the schools website. Please contact me if you are interested at I am the owner and CEO of this site/service. We work with schools from many states and would be happy to talk with you as well.

Parents/Students - Here is your opportunity to get the best of all worlds. Sign up at the site ( it is free for you) and also let Dr. Stock know you want the school to use this service.

Again, it updates Cell Phones, Emails, Websites, and can even alert all of the media outlets you want....all with one login.

Happy to field questions from all of you.

Best Regards,

Martin Goetzinger


Online radio said...

Great internet radio station from the area that always has up to the minute school delays and closing!

Anonymous said...

News 22 will also send a message to your cell phone.

I can't believe how many complaints this topic brings! Something that happens so infrequently!

And the funny thing is... they complain HERE where they already COME and where the information is posted first!

HAHAH People crack me up!

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...

I have never posted here anonymously to defend myself, even though every critical comment that I can ever recall was posted by someone anonymously.

This is the reason many public figures are afraid of this type of forum. But the reason blogging technology is important is that it exposes everyone to the cross section of opinions on a variety of topics.

It is natural for people to socialize with people who think like they do. Blogging reminds us of the diversity of opinions that exist in every community...and that my friends is worth it - even when people get a little cranky sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Although I do feel you contact enough sourcesregarding delays. I would like to comment on the anonymous comment you made. I think the reason that most people comment anonymously when being critical is that Wawasee is a small school. We all have experienced the way students have been treated wonderfully or poorly based on who their parents are.

I would not risk my child by disagreeing with the administration publically. I have heard the comments teachers make about families and parents. I do feel that parents should speak out more. For example, I have seen many negative comments on here about Accelerated Reader. I have yet to meet a parent that thinks this is a good program and yet our schools spend thousands of dollrs on this program every year.

However, most parents are afraid to complain because of the label they will receive by teachers and other school personel.

Anonymous said...

Well, the topic seems to have evolved a great deal from school delays and WAWC...but I'll take this one.

I am a parent who values Accelerated Reader. Educationally it is a sound practice as it provides students the opportunity to read at their ability level (ZPD) and allows them choice of materials that suit their interests. As such, AR meets kids where they are -- whether the child has a special education label or a label as gifted...or falls in the middle -- and whether the child is interested in cars, fairy tales, firefighters, mystery, or something else.

As with all things, implementation is key -- and some do a better job with implementation than others, but the primary objective of the program is to get kids to read -- which AR does -- and holds them accountable for having done so.

Nevertheless, I encourage you to be open minded about AR as the research is very strongly in support of the concepts built into the program.

With regard to anonymity, it is important to recognize both sides of the argument. I respect Dr. Stock's willingness to allow anonymous posts since it opens him to the potential for terrible commentary. The advantage is that it does allow people to feel safe in their comments -- on the other hand, it also allows them to be mean. The advantage of stating your name, though, is that it gives administrators and teachers an opportunity to respond directly to your concerns -- but it requires that you trust people.

I used to teach at Wawasee -- now am an administrator in another district, but I am also a parent of four children in the WCSC, and I have found that every administrator with whom I have asked to speak has been willing to spend time with me and respond positively to my concerns...they haven't always agreed, but they have listened and been respectful -- and my children have not been treated badly as a result.

That's all. :)

Anonymous said...

I do not have school age children, but through this blog, I think that Dr. Stock has been extremely courageous and honest. I have to say thank you for providing this forum. I can only hope more superintendents will follow suit (Warsaw? etc.).

Anonymous said...


I challenge you to find professional research that supports Accelerated Reader (this research must not be published by the company that sells AR)

I have tried to find professional articles in support of AR and have found none.

When I questioned the school about the use of AR, I was told that research supports the use of levelled reading for students. That is absolutely true. However, part of teaching at a student's level is "teaching". There is no instruction that accompanies AR. My children are being instructed out of a reading book. The reading book hits a few students' instructional level (the level that has enough challenges to produce growth in children, but not be too challenging that the student spends all his/her time decoding), but many students are not having their individual needs met.

AR does not ask any higher level questions. Students learn to read for details, which is a good skill to have, but it is not one of the most important skills. Kids are not asked to apply or analyze anything. I think if you look at ISTEP, many of the questions ask the students to read and then appply.

I also don't like the fact that the students are being externally motivated. I feel the best ways to motivate students to become lifetime readers are great books and teacher enthusiasm.

I could go on and on about this issue, but I am sure you are all bored by now. I just urge you to research best prasctice.