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Friday, November 10, 2006

Some of you have heard the news that Bill Dixon has sold WAWC and have wondered what Wild Bill is up to now. He is running a new web site called Bill is streaming video over the internet at

His first upload contains taped interview segments with the student athletes who won awards at the Wawasee Fall Athletic Award Program.

He also provides athletic information about events and will also provide community information as well.

This site is not connected with Wawasee Schools in any way.

Some of you are now wondering..."Isn't it a violation of privacy for Bill to post pictures, interviews and even game video clips of students without parent permission?"

No. The courts have determined that when student athletes go out for a sport they are knowingly giving up any rights to privacy by competing.

So...Bill can video tape to his heart's long as he doesn't show up in Discrete Mathematics class to tape a lecture!!!!


Anonymous said...

I also follow the IHSAA rules for mass media, requiring me to seek approval of the host Athletic Director prior to the game.

Bill Dixon

itsrich said...

You go Bill!