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Monday, January 15, 2007

2006 Published Graduation Rates

Indiana has a new formula for counting high school graduation rates.

Here are the state definitions for these categories:

OTHERS: students who move to a lower grade, were enrolled for less than 1 year or were early graduates

UNKNOWN: students who left and no transcripts were requested by any other school

COURSE COMPLETION: students who successfully completed the required courses but did not pass the graduation exam (10th grade ISTEP test)

SP. ED. CERTIFICATES: students who completed their education within the special education program, were foreign exchange students, or were home-schooled

DROPOUTS: students who left school early and participated in an exit interview

How is this formula different than past years? GED students are no longer counted as graduates. Special Education Students not on "diploma-track" who complete their IEP(Individual Education Program) successfully are no longer counted as graduates. If any students are missing the correct documentation for their category (such as a foreign exchange student) they may count as a "non-graduate." Students who are behind in their credits and graduate a year or more late are non-graduates until the year they receive their diploma.

Graphics supplied by Dr. Robert Cockburn


Anonymous said...

I was told that GED completion rates are not tracked, how is this statistic determined?

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...

If you are asking about what percentage of students who say they are working on a GED actually take the test and pass, I do not know. The state does not keep track of this statistic but it wouldn't be too hard to do. I do know that students now have to succesfully pass a GED practice test before even taking the real GED.

It is my understanding that if a Wawasee student or ex-student passes their GED test (even if they take the test somewhere else) their names are reported under our statistics if they last went to school here.

The number represented on the graph is the actual percentage of Wawasee students (or ex-students who last went to school here) in 2006 who took and passed the GED.

Anonymous said...

I know there is some question about this formula, however, how does Wawasee compare with other districts in Indiana and locally?

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...

The Department of Education data site lists the following stats for graduation percentages. They are slightly different than what we have seen reported. I do not know why they are slightly different.

Indiana average 4 year graduation rate: 76
Warsaw: 76
Goshen: 65
West Noble: 72