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Monday, January 29, 2007

Survey Results

I have re-posted the snow delay survey above by request. In order to see the current results of the survey, click on "view stats."

Due to the results I did not do a follow up survey on TV stations.

Stay warm. Drive carefully.


Anonymous said...

I think that it is apparently pointless to be worring about where you are going to be posting school delays, and you may be wondering why I say this. This is because it is obvious that the schools only get a delay one every blue moon. In most areas the road conditions were the same if not worse than yesterday, so does the school not care about the child safty today? Or was yesterdays delay just a fluke?

Anonymous said...


Opps there went the ball!

Doc, usually you get them right, but this one was a swing and a miss. Road conditions were terrible, probably getting worse with the wind and extra snow. Did anyone drive this morning or did we make the call by looking out our window?

Your typically biggest fan,

Mr. Puzzled

Anonymous said...

I agree. Today is MUCH worse than yesterday. I'm sure if you live in Syracuse driving is not a problem but those of us whose children have to drive 8-10 miles from the outskirts are wondering why no one checked the roads this morning.Still don't understand why 2 hour delay was called yesterday.
I think we need someone a little more 'on the ball' calling the road conditions in the morning.

Anonymous said...

I'm more interested in seeing the school delays on TV instead of radio. Radio only announces every 15 minutes to 1/2 hour & TV stations add school dealys & run continuously across screen.

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with the comment below. What is the point to delay or cancel school, when the days you think it should be either, it's not. Today Warsaw Schools were canceled, how can a school south of us me closed and then a school right beside ours closed also, But once again, Wawasee is a Bruiser and keeps on A'Truckin. If the Academy is Closed don't you think that the High school and the Elementry should be closed too? Also, wouldn't you think that we would get more lake affect then Warsaw, Considering?

Anonymous said...

I am very pleased to inform you that i almost died this morning on the horrible snow covered roads, i cant imagine what the teens were like on the roads. What were you thinking not to call a delay? What does a delay honestly hurt? Please use your head in later school delaying decisions! There have been enough accidents caused by your neglegence. Thank you and good day

Anonymous said...

Delay? Of course not. That would mean that our kids were safe. Putting our children's safety in danger is not something I as a parent agree with. I agree with the above comment. What does a delay hurt? They do not have to make up delays, and it is not hurting the school corp in any way.
Next time the roads are remotely close to the conditions of this morning I am expecting a delay.
Thank you,
Confused & Frustated

Anonymous said...

I drive my kids from Syracuse to Milford every morning and every afternoon. Milford/Syracuse Road was not the best by any means.

I seen one snow plow, and it seemed pointless, couldn't even tell where he plowed.

The only thing you can do is when there is not a delay or cancellation, plan ahead, leave earlier, and just be carefull.

Remember alot of times, the roads aren't as bad, its the other drivers you have to watch for.

Anonymous said...

I would like for school officials to call WNDU (Channel 16) with delay/cancellation information. That is my morning TV News program and it would be nice if they got the information as soon as the radio stations and school principals receive their calls.


Anonymous said...

I found WNDU to be very unreliable last year!! Why bother?

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