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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Online access to grades and attendance

Do you know what your current grade average is in each class?
Do you know if you have missing assignments still to turn in?

Have you sat down with a printout of your son or daughter's grades and discussed it with them?
Don't forget those high school age young adults. They need to know you care too.

It's a click and a password away.

Click on the grade portal links on the sidebar, enter your password and take a "look-see."

If you do not have your password handy or you lost it, call the school or e-mail them for the information. (TIP: Post the passwords somewhere handy and teach your children to access and monitor their own grade book!)

SE 457-4484
MLF 658-9444
WMS 457-8839
NE 834-7644
WHS 457-3147

In addition to having online access to grades and attendance, next year we will be able to provide access to your child's lunch account as well.


Anonymous said... comments on this important blog topic, more than 100 arguing over the weather...

Anonymous said...

I for one love being able to get on here on see my kids grades. It would help if the few teachers who don't use it would.

Thanks to the teachers that do. I like to keep up on their grades and assignments.

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...

We like for all teachers to keep their grades as current as possible.

If you feel that someone is not doing that please contact that teacher directly and discuss it with them.

If it persists, then please let the principal know.

We know things come up and some teachers get behind temporarily - but it only works if things are current.

It is a great tool for parents.

Anonymous said...

No comment on the weather issues but want to register my support of the on-line grade reports. I refer to it at least weekly and discuss grades with my middle school and high school students. My students know the password so they access the site on their own or we do it together. We were prepared for mid-term conferences because we knew the full grade report in advance. I regret this system was not in effect for two of my children that have graduated from WHS. I highly recommend that parents take advantage of this opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Being a teacher, not having a prep everyday, and wanting to be home with my family in a timely manner, I wish that the Harmony portal was stable enough to use at home. We have been told that there might be gliches in it. So, I would stay more current if I could do it at home. It's in the gradebook; just transferring it over is very time consuming!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, seems like you have had SEVERAL hours this week to do that. Delays and cancellations are so that the STUDENTS may get to school and home safely. Teachers are employees....not many companies close because of a few flakes in the air.

Anonymous said...

Im a parent not a teacher seems to me the teachers are doing a great job these days teachers could use volunteers to help them during the day. Seems to me some of these people should get off their computer chair and help out a little more( or a lot seeing how many comments these blogs are getting)

Anonymous said...

I have gotten off my computer chair and helped out in the classrooms in the past. The class was great, the teacher was a complete airhead, and still is. I can't believe she is still teaching, or trying to teach.

If the teachers would do what they are suppose to do, then they shouldn't have to have volunteers. Besides, its who you are whether or not they want you to help out in the classroom. If you aren't in their special little group, don't bother.

Grow up and get a real life.

Mrs. R. Noble said...

As a teacher who drives far (I pass through parts of four other corporations on my way here), I would hope that teachers would also use delays to wait for the trucks to have time to get out and clear roads; drivers out too early tend to get in their way. If we have a cancellation, I know that I do stay home instead of making a treacherous drive to school with my daughter in the car. Many teachers live outside the corporation and if roads are not clear enough for those in the corporation to arrive safely, they are also not clear enough for all teachers to arrive safely. These same teachers usually drive through bad weather if the corporation they live in delays or cancels and we still have school; with no complaints because that is something that is required if one chooses to live somewhere else.
So, my support goes out to anonymous teacher who is finding time to enter grades and giving up their prep time (most likely to give extra help to students). Arrive home will not benefit anyone if we lose teachers to bad weather. Shame on the blogger who apparently does not care about someone who cares about your children and their success so much!

Anonymous said...

I do care about the teachers safety, I feel that we have great teachers in our corporation, but there are a few that use 'computer' gliches as an excuse too often. I drive through several corporations on the way to work, also, but my employer still feels like I need to be on time. Sales figures, production lines, and inventory still have to be completed...whether there is snow on the ground or not. All I am saying is that teachers are paid to get their job done, perhaps they could come to school on time and get a 2 hour jump on the day....lots of them do!

Anonymous said...

Once again everyone is back to the nasty comments. This has nothing to do with what happened yesterday. If you feel a staff member is not doing a good job then talk to someone in the office. But please understand that we have children in the corporation as well. Most teachers come in on weekends or stay here until 6 or 7 to finish up work. So please stop bashing everybody in the corporation. If you are unsatisfied with the work we do then bring it up at the next school board meeting. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

No nasty coments here.. just want to say that cancellations and delays are judgment calls and I personaly feel that Dr. Stock only does what he feels is in the best intrest of our children. I have once in the past not agreed with his decission to delay instead of cancel and as THE PARENT I have kept my children home. Dr Stock your wonderful and I thank you.

As far as the grades online. My children and I review them weekly. As far as teachers not posting maybe if you have a problem with a teacher not poasting there grades take the time to meet with or call that teacher and discuss your childs grades. We THE PARENTS are ultimately rsponsable NOT the teacher. They have lives, children and illness just like everyone.

Anonymous said...

I love being able to see my kids grades online. It helps to keep up on how they are doing.

In regards about if not happy with teachers and bring to the attention of the office, I have done that before and believe me, I got bashed worse there than Dr. Mark Stock did here. That is exactly why I do not bother going to the office and trying to resolve any problems. Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

I agree the portal is a great tool for parents and teachers. Provided the teachers keep everything current. I have yet to see alot of the AR or ACM put on the portal for parents to view and keep up with what the children have or haven't mastered. But what I want to know is if we for whatever reason can't check the portal and a middle school or high school student is falling behind why do the teachers wait till a student is 7 or more assignments behind before contacting a parent or sending a note home or an email if a parent has provided and email address??

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure, I wouldn't want you helping out in my child's classroom with your negative attitude and you lack of respect for teachers

Anonymous said...

I think that "harmony" is nothing but a joke as not one of either of my high school kids teachers post anything!!! One teacher even told me that she just didn't have time but would email my students homework weekly so that I could be aware! Not once have I gotten anything.
Sure the grades are there sometimes, but that isn't as important to me as the homework assignments!
It sure would be great to have teachers and administrators care for our kids educations more then they do!

Anonymous said...

I think the harmoney is a joke as well my childs information is never up dated the last entry was right before the last midterms. I called the principal when I saw this going on and nothing was resolved. I also called the centeral office with this concern and still no updated information. I guess the school spent all of this $$ just to let the harmoney system not be used by the teachers. I think the teachers should be required to update records @ the min on a weekely basis!

Anonymous said...

sad to say you will NEVER get anything from this school system. They would rather spend on sports, then our kids education. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who has realized that "harmony" is a joke!
NOT keeping it updated proves that they teachers and administrators just don't care! Parents can call and talk until they are blue in the face and believe me you will get NO further then you would if you talked to a wall!

Anonymous said...

I am a teacher at Wawasee High School and update my grades several times a week, if not daily. Even though you state you had difficulty, I still believe you should contact the teacher first, then go to the next level if necessary rather than say that the whole system is a joke.

While this new Harmony program is not perfect, it is a wonderful method of communicating all kinds of information to parents in a timely manner. The ability to see grades, discipline, and attendance on a daily basis should be something that parents should be able to access.

Anonymous said...

I'm just curious why you choose to be "anonymous" if you are one that does in fact update the "harmony portal" GRADES at least, which is still the least of the items!
Again, it is more important for the parents, at least for me to see what they need to have done, be working on or whatever, not the F in this class or the A in another! Grades come from the work done, so that is FAR MORE IMPORTANT to see!
Harmony will remain a joke, and a very useless tool for the parents, teachers and students until there is a drastic change in policy!
The policy should be that no matter what it is to be updated grades once a month, homework at least on a weekly basis and the rest of the information as need be, posted to the parents. If this is done maybe this will be one of the GREATEST things that Wawasee has done in a LONG time!

Anonymous said...

I have talked to the teacher, principal, and beyond and nothing has changed in reguards to the harmoney issue. So I did use the change of comand. Any other ideas?

Anonymous said...

I enjoy being able to see my child's grades on line. I also would like to say that I too have previously had problems with teachers and I AM one of those parents that the teachers and admin. say oh no you are getting so and so's kid. And most would take this as a bad comment but I personally enjoy the fact that they say it. It is MY responsibility to make sure what is being done for my child is being done. I understand that the teachers are overworked underpaid and WAY underappreciated. I just wish that all parents took the time to be more involved in their childs school career, I have seen way too many that are more concerned with class parties and fashion of their child than their grades and attitudes. I am and will continue to be a pain in the neck for many years to come but it won't be at my childs expense.