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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wednesday Delay

Two hour delay.

Road conditions are actually pretty decent considering everything. But....there are isloated sections of certain roads where we have drifting.

Ninety-percent of the roads are clear. The remaining 10% are one lane. Some of those would hang up a school bus.

Skies are clear, some roads are even bare.

This will give the county road crews time to knock down the extra drifts.


Happyfrogg25 said...

i say yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i say that sounds just fine i mean cause then the children would get more sleep and feel refreshed and ready to go. so itis also go that u r thinking about the kids saftey!! thanx

Anonymous said...

that is so exciting u have no idea

Anonymous said...

Let me looked suprised. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Wow... I woke up thinking, "Darn it, we don't *have* a delay." I'm definitely not complaining, I'm just surprised. Thank you.

(And don't worry about yesterday, man. Everyone makes mistakes. It just happens to be that your position is more weighted on for even the slightest things. Those still arguing back and forth about it need to stop and just be thankful that yesterday ended early without any fatalities this time. I know that --- pardon me --- it takes balls to do your job, and you're better at it than many others would be... besides, there are plenty of people out there I would *not* want to run things around here.)

- Student at WHS

Anonymous said...

Good job, but it's COLD. I gotta admit, after my first real day of P.E. I was sore...And I still am..Thanks anyway though.

-WMS Student-