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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


We evidently have attracted a lot of new readers with the recent snow delay controversies. Evidently it was the "Jerry Springer" atmosphere that attracted so many! There were 11,000 separate computers that accessed the site over 39,000 times yesterday. Given the volume, I thought it might be helpful to provide a few links that review internet etiquette. Why?

In educational terms, it is a "teachable moment!" :-)

Most blog sites or internet forums go through growth stages as new readers grow accustomed to interacting online. It is said that much of human communication is transmitted through non-verbal cues. If this is true than it would be easy to misread the written communication of others in an online format, or to forget basic courtesies when posting anonymously.

Here is a link to Wikipedia (an open, collaborative, online encyclopedia) that discusses some of the pitfalls to online communication.

Here is a link to an excerpt from a book entitled "Netiquette" that summarizes 10 guidelines for online interaction.

Here is a link to a 10 question quiz on "netiquette."

I do not post these because I am offended or upset by the criticism. It comes with the territory and sometimes it is deserved.

I post these because a number of commenters tried to bring civility and politeness back into the picture and found it difficult.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the 39000 views, I think probably 1,000 were mine! I was the mom home with the sick kid who thought it was better than Springer ;-)

Anonymous said...

sorry but it was better than springer. You never know whats going to happen on this site do you. all kidding aside this is a great informational site thanks for all you do Dr. Stock

Anonymous said...

I'm not a bit sorry for yesterday. That is what this site is for.

Sence of Freedom said...
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Sense of Freedom said...

Dr. Stock, I am a student at WHS, and was sicked at the immaturity some "adults" and even fellow students showed during the "controversy". Everyone makes mistakes, and it wasn't helping anything by complaining, or by "flaming" you. Many parents claim to be more mature then their teenage counterparts, but Tuesdays display of events has proved to me otherwise. I congratulate you on keeping your head through all of this and owning up to the fact that you did make a mistake. I challenge others who have made the folly of pressuring you into an early release to do the same. I doubt any of the anonymous will step up and identify themselves. I believe that they will hide behind their computers and remain anonymous, for fear of revealing how childish they truly are.

Again, Dr. Stock, keep your chin up. There are those who support you in your decisions.