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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Checking on your child's grades, attendance and discipline

The Harmony Parent Portal is up and running. Using the internet, each parent can keep regular tabs on their children's grades, attendance and discipline that has been entered into the system.
As the year progresses more of this information will be entered. The data will be "real-time" as it is entered into the system by the faculty.

Here is the latest information from the principals on when to expect the information:

Syracuse Elementary: There will be a one page "Parent/guardian ACCESS to HARMONY" section on the back of this week's parent newsletter explaining how each parent will be able to get access. Once e-mail addresses are obtained, access codes will be e-mailed to parents.

Milford School: The information will go home with students on Thursday, August 31 in a separate newsletter. The information will also be shared with the teachers at their next two meetings so they can include it in their weekly newsletters (elem) or as parents contact them (MS). At open house night September 7, the Computer Technician will also be available to collect e-mail addresses from parents.

North Webster School: The information and sign-up sheet for the Harmony Parent Portal will go home with the parent newsletter on September 8, after the grade level teams are trained in using the grade book. Once e-mail addresses are entered into the computer, an e-mail with a user ID will be sent to each e-mail address.

Wawasee Middle School: A paper will come home with advisory classes Wednesday to receive necessary information. Once they have updated e-mails, etc...they will begin creating user id's and sending information home via e-mails.

Wawasee High School: Parents were able to get their passwords following registration and it was also explained at the freshmen parent meeting. At the first parent teacher conference the information will be printed so each parent who attends will receive the information again. Teachers are currently reinforcing the use of the Harmony website for parents and for the students. The Dean of Students will also explain it to parents when he calls on attendance and discipline issues.


Anonymous said...

When and where were we to get the passwords for the High School after
registration? We went thru each step.

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...

I checked with the high school. The papers were available on a table marked "optional." It was a half sheet of paper to fill out at registration.

All you have to do is stop by the office and they can give one to you now. They have been getting the information entered into the system within 24 hours so you should be able to get access to grading information pretty quickly.

Ellen Stevens said...

Ellen Stevens, Principal

If you need a password, please contact Shelly Judy at 457-3147 or e-mail her at

You will receive your password and instructions through your e-mail system.

If you have any questions, please contact me at:

Anonymous said...

I signed up my kids for harmony at registration at the high school and it has been great. The only down side is when teachers will not post grades. Most teachers keep it updated every day or every few days, but some have not entered any grades yet. It would also be nice if we could change the passwords to something easy to remember instead of the long numbers that are assigned.