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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

NE Kosciusko County's Declining Population

Northeastern Kosciusko county is the only part of our county with a declining population. That's us.

Click here for image. Click here for more information about the rest of Indiana.

The last few years Wawasee has posted the lowest student enrollment in many years and this chart seems to support the reasons.

I suppose Dana Corporation's major reductions have most likely contributed and while rumors are out there that more industry is on the way, it hasn't happened yet.

Registration is this week so we will see what happens to student enrollment this year.


Anonymous said...

I am not from this area and though I live here, for now, I must say that there is very little attraction to NE Kosciusko County for an educated professional, unless you have family connections here, which family can make almost any environment livable. Yes, it is a great place to visit and the lakes are super. I also think that if there was a better quality of life (good restaurants, quality housing, uniform neighborhoods with sidewalks, multi-use trails, shopping, etc.), I would confidently say my children would attend Wawasee. Contrary to what I hear, Syracuse will not be a 'bedroom' community as long as it continues to lack quality of life. This is what communities in the donut counties of Indy have identified and attracts families who are professionals/educated. If our economic base was more diverse it seems that NE K County would be a more attractive place to live. Or, do we need to create the quality of life indicators first? I AM disappointed that there isn't more to offer a young professional family in this area, but do not see a town/township supported decision on the near horizon.

Anonymous said...

There is absolutly nothing to do in this area. not for adults or for kids. what do you do on a friday night in Syracuse? you go to another town where the sidewalks dont roll up at 8pm.maybe people dont want to live here because our business owners are being arrested for running meth labs.Local law enforcement has no clue to the extent of the meth addiction in and around the Syracuse area.or maybe its because in Syracuse if you dont have money,you dont matter!