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Thursday, August 17, 2006

New Wawasee Blog

Mrs. Ruth Ayres, Wawasee's writing teacher and trainer for the district, has created a new blog called Inspiring Readers and Writers. She will be blogging about reading and writing tips that will inspire our students to greater literacy. This blog will be a great weekly read for all parents and teachers.

Give it try!

Here is the link. I will also provide a link on the sidebar.

Put it in your favorites list and check it out! It could be an awesome forum for educators to exchange ideas on writing and to ask questions directly to our writing coach! It would also be a great way for parents to ask questions and get tips for helping their children with writing assignments. It could also be a great way for homeschool parents to stay in touch with a quality writing coach!


Anonymous said...

do we still have k12planet? i heard something about harmony. thanks.

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...

I will post a separate blog post about it later to give more information.

Each school's web site should have a link for the Harmony Web Portals which will give parents access to their children's grades. With our new system these should be "real time" grades as teachers enter them into the electronic grade books. (I am glad you asked. I think I will provide all the grade portal links right here on The Wawascene on the sidebar so parents don't have to go searching for it.)

Each school is responsible for providing the parents with a Web ID they can use to access grades.

If you don't receive a Web ID in a few weeks - make sure you contact your child's teacher to find out when they will be distributed.

Ruth Ayres said...

Thanks for the post, Dr. Stock! :)