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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Huntington approves divided gender classes

Huntington schools has recently approved a pilot program with gender-divided classes.

Article here.


Anonymous said...

If teachers would differentiate instruction and cater to student needs, seperate gender classes wouldn't be needed. The same is true for advanced classes and regular classes. The idea that you have to seperate students in order to properly instruct just eliminates the need to cater to student needs in every class.

Tony Cassel, Principal Wawasee Middle School said...

I believe that by seperating these classes, teachers are addressing student needs. Girls often are less likely to ask question and speak out in classes where there are boys. Boys also face less distraction when they don't have to compete for the attention and laughter of the girls in their classes. These students are only facing same gender classes in math and language. They will still have coeducational experiences in all other classes. I have friends who went to all girls and all boys high schools and colleges. They all noted that there were less distraction in their repective single gender schools and found focusing on their education much easier. I applaud Principal, Curt Crago and the staff of Riverview Middle School in Huntington for trying what ever they can to reach these students in an attempt to increase their learning.