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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Feedback on Registration

Fall school registration has normally rated somewhere just above a root canal in terms of favored activities for most parents of school-age children.

Principals have worked on shortening the process and making it quicker and easier for parents. It would be nice if we could do on-line registration for parents but we aren't ready for that yet.

In the meantime, principals have been trying to shorten your visit to the school.

I am open to feedback in the comment section. We would appreciate any positive comments you might have as well as suggestions for improvement. Please indicate the school building you were registering at so that we can pass the information along to principals.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

It all just seems like a very antiquated way of doing things. The info. should all be in the computer system from last year. Why don't we just send a from home at either the end of the old year or the beginning of the new year requesting any changes? I think we may be the only school district in Indiana asking parents to come stand in line for hours to give info. that we gave last year.

It also seems that if you give doctor, emergency, parent info for one child that you shouldn't have to write the same info. for each child.

Wawasee middle school made you stand in line so you could sit with the person putting the info into the computer...... Why not have info from last year and sit and make any changes if you realy feel the need for us to be there. I know I was in line for over an hour waiting to sit with the computer person.

I also think, that it is rude to make parents hand in their free/reduced lunch application in front of everyone with no privacy. At Syracuse elementary they are required to apply in front of everyone else in line. I would think this would stop many people from applying. Leaving needy families without help and the school short on Title 1 money.

I moved here from another Indiana city a few years ago and am always surprised by some of the backwards ways of this school district.

Tony Cassel, Principal Wawasee Middle School said...

As the principal of Wawasee Middle School, I appreciate your comments. We are always looking for ways to improve and be more efficient. I would welcome any ideas that you might share. Please feel free to call the Middle School and ask for Mr. Cassel. I would welcome your insight.

Anonymous said...

Someone told me that their experience at the high school was much smoother this year and so was their registration at Milford School.

Anonymous said...

The process went very smooth!

Anonymous said...

It went a lot smoother this year!! It made a big difference to have the forms mailed to our home and have them filled outin advance...also, my kids (WAWC HS) are old enough to go thru the lines by themselves with the paperwork already filled out and signed. They finished while I was filling out some forms they couldnt fill out...much better...

Anonymous said...

My experience at the high school and Milford school was much improved this year. The lines were not nearly as long, the process seemed much more streamlined and it was not nearly as frustrating. Thanks for working hard to make it easier for everyone.

Anonymous said...

I have students at the Middle School and High School. I definitely liked the way the high school ran their registration...beginning with the packet that we received at home through the clear instructions at the school. Lots of signs were posted. I'm not sure about the reasons for sitting with a computer person at the Middle school, but that was really a time-consuming process.

Anonymous said...

The process went really quickly at NW elementary. It was nice that they had your information sheet, and just asked you to make any needed changes, and then just turned the sheet in. At the middle school it seemed like there were some steps that weren't really needed. Why do we need to fill out a separate card for the guidance department? Isn't that information already available on the school's computer system?

Anonymous said...

The high school needs to keep the hallway clear to the first station. Several students were blocking the hallway due to chatting and picking up yearbooks (we had no idea if they were in a line or just taking up space). Move the unneccessary yearbook sales and pickup to a different hallway!!

I agree with the others that asked to just make any necessary changes to the basic student info. It would have to be much faster for the person that ends up having to input all the info in the school's system to just have a preprinted info sheet with the parents making corrections.

I noticed others mentioning the HS sent them a packet for registration. We did not receive anything.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if someone made sure we took home all the necessary information sheets - we missed the supply list at MMS and had to return for it. It would also be nice to have a packet of forms sent to our home a couple weeks before registration so phone numbers required are easily accessed before registration day, and that would also be nicer for people signing up for free and reduced lunches.

Anonymous said...

I am still trying to find a supplies list for my freshman son. He was just going to wait until the first day to see what the teachers said he needed. I would like for him to come prepared. I visited some of the teacher websites and did not get much information. Can anyone help with that?

Anonymous said...

The registration at the High School
was very well organized and went
smoothly!! The Wawasee Middle School on the other hand was the slowest for us in the last 5 years!
If they felt the need to update the
computer with the parents there needed to be more computers set up.
Why was a lot of the information dropped from the system from last year? Phone numbers, emergency contacts and addresses all had to be re-entered on ours even though they were the same. Since the school is computerized why did we have to complete the same information on 2-3 different cards?
I think you should have been able to combine and use one form, after all the offices are close enough to have a central filing if you need to pull the original out instead of looking on the computers.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous RE: Freshman supply list

At the high school, each teacher will let the students know requirements for their individual class. With each student taking five classes, it would be difficult to post a standard freshman list. If I were shopping for school supplies, the standard items would be appropriate, pens, pencils, highlighters, dry erase markers, notebooks, paper, etc.
If you have futher questions, please contact Ellen Stevens, Principal at the high school,

Anonymous said...

Syracuse Elementary registration was easy with alot of helpful people.Wawasee Middle school was a confusing mess and no one seemed in charge or willing to tell you where to go or what the reason for each station. When I left I had no clue if I did what needed to be done.But they did take my money and I wrote and rewrote the same stuff on lots of different papers. So I must have achieved something.