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Friday, August 18, 2006

Did you ever wonder what your child's current grades are?

How about her attendance? How about his discipline record? Did you ever wish there were an easier way to find out?

Coming soon at a school near you...

Wawasee Schools is in the process of putting in place an entirely new student management software program that will allow parents to check on their child's grades, attendance and discipline on a "real time" basis as teachers and administrators input the information into the electronic grade books. This will replace K12 planet which was our first attempt but was notorious for being "down" all the time. We hope our new system will be better for parents.

Of course this information is secure and password protected so you will have to wait until you are provided a Web ID from the school.

On the sidebar you will see all the schools' Grade Portals so you will be able to click on every link right from The Wawascene to access this information about your child. Make this your "one-stop shop" for corporation, school and now individual student updates.

The links are not operative yet but as the system is up and teachers begin entering grades and information, these links will go live.

Please help us help your children by providing that important "monitoring" responsibility that children first resent and then later THANK you for when they get older!

(I hear that happens somewhere around the age of 24!)


Anonymous said...

This is FABULOUS!!!!!! I am very excited about this!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great addition. I'm very happy to know that is being added.:-)