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Monday, August 21, 2006

School delays and cancellations

We are entering the foggy season here around the lakes. That means patchy fog that moves around in mysterious ways creating havoc for administrators who have to decide two hours before buses roll whether or not it is going to improve, worsen, move away or sock-in for the day.


We want to remind everyone that with the advent of daylight savings time (DST) the probability of delays has increased due to the loss of morning daylight time. This will only worsen when DST time starts even earlier the next few years. In 2007 DST will move from April 2 to March 11. In 2008 it will move to March 9 and in 2009 DST moves to March 8 and ends on November 1.

We also want to remind everyone that this year we will only be contacting 5 media outlets with school delay and cancellation information.

The outlets are:

1. The Wawascene ( (It is posted here first.)
2. WAWC 103.5 FM
3. WRSW 107.3 FM
4. Channel 15
5. Channel 22

In the past we have tried contacting 13 different media outlets. We had troubles with accuracy with a few of them and have had trouble getting through on others. Some are internet based and some utilized digital phone systems. All have different systems and different passwords and procedures.

After hassling our way through all this for several years we have tried to limit our contacts to local radio and one South Bend TV station and one Fort Wayne TV station.

While we understand everyone prefers their own favorite radio stations, unfortunately there are almost as many favorites as there are people.

We announced this in The Reporter this summer and provided a small cutout for you to place on your refrigerator. This is just another reminder!

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