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Thursday, August 31, 2006

ISTEP+ and Volunteers

Wawasee Community School Corporation is in need of some licensed teachers who would be willing to volunteer in our buildings during the mornings of September 19, 20, 21, 26, and 27 when we are administering the ISTEP+ tests to students in grades 3-10. This would be a great opportunity for retired teachers!

The ISTEP+ allows specific special accommodations that are permitted through a student's IEP (special education students), Section 504 plan, or LEP (Limited English Proficient) plan. The accommodations might include being tested in small groups. Having some extra licensed teachers in the buildings would greatly help us!

If you would be willing to volunteer to help with testing, please call Joy Swartzentruber at 457-3188.


Anonymous said...

could you help me find a schedule of the boys tennis matches? i looked on the school's website and couldn't find it.

Joy Swartzentruber, Director of Curriculum said...

All of Wawasee High School's athletic schedules can be found at You can also pick up a fall sports schedule in the main office at the high school.

Wawasee Middle School and Milford School also use for athletic scheduling.